Tips for maintenance hunting rifle. ?>

Tips for maintenance hunting rifle.

There is an idiom that “The durability of a product depends on user” so that remember maintenance your hunting rifles after using in order keep them not only nice but also  strong along the time.

First of all, you have to prepare the tools and the products that are necessary for cleaning hunting rifle such as cleaning rod, brass brush. Besides, you also need some products for cleaning wood in order to keep the stock of the rifle clean: Kristol sticks wood oil bottle or wipe, spray wax, polish, vanishing cream for wooden product … In addition, oil for a weapon is necessary for maintain all the functions of each weapon in general and the rifle in particular. The hunting rifle preservation is very important so that which product must be chosen wisely.

Secondly, you should know that the oil is the best weapon to protect the best hunting rifle. It provides a light and reversible protection for against the corrosion as well as facilitate for working of inside part. However, it does not mean that you put your hunting rifle full of oil. In order to own the best hunting rifle, you have to make sure that it is not too dry as well as too wet. (more…)

How to fix tennis racquet case ?>

How to fix tennis racquet case

Tennis is one of the most popular sports nowaday, which is played by two or four people in a match. A main device which is used to play is a tennis racquet and a ball. This device is similar to badminton racquet. But players must use the racquet to beat a ball powerfully, it’s usually easy to break down the racquet. So, what should you do to deal with this problem?
Normally, people can choose to buy a new racquet, but it is not good if this happens constantly because the price for buying the racquet is not cheap. Another way you can do is fixing it. However, in some places this is also quite difficult to find a racquet repairer, what should you do in this case?
So now, everything becomes more easily when you can fix tennis racquet case by yourself at home with the best sewing machine for leather. This choice is getting more and more popular with tennis players because they can absolutely fix the case following their needs. Usually, people think they cannot fix a racquet case by themself because this only spends for repairers who have enough tools and machines, but it is not right with the best sewing machine for leather. You maybe hear the sewing machines for clothes, shoes, and bags, but haven’t know about the machine which is specially used for the racquet yet. (more…)

Trampoline activities ?>

Trampoline activities

Nowadays, with the development of the technology, the manufacturers have given the birth of countless equipment to serve people in the field of entertainment. The trampoline is one of the best examples for this viewpoint. It is frankly to say that the trampoline still is a strange concept for people. They just know that the trampoline can be used to do exercise and they do not pay attention to other functions of this item. Today, we will provide you some information about the best trampoline games in more details.


If you have children, the trampoline is a good idea for you because you can buy this item as a gift for your children. They may feel excited with the trampoline because they can take the advantage of the trampoline to study or play games. Drawing is one of the most favorite activities of the children at all ranges of age.
You can help the kids fulfill their dream by drawing in the snow on the trampoline. Some parents usually worry that jumping in the snow can make children sick; however, the trampoline will put an end to this unnecessary worry. The children can draw anything they want. Additionally, drawing on the trampoline is the best way to stimulate the imagination of the children, but you should make for sure that you will clean it after playing game to protect the trampoline.
Water balloon (more…)

Maintain your bow, prepare for the next Trip! ?>

Maintain your bow, prepare for the next Trip!

In this day and time, people have more free time that is the reason why they find an interesting activity to reduce stress after the overload of working and studying. Fishing kayak with the help of the recurve bow can adapt their requirement. For many people, fishing with the recurve bow is not only an entertainment but also the challenge. Due to the importance of the recurve bow during the process of catching fish, the manufacturers have produced more and more equipment to serve the fisherman. Although buying the recurve bow is just a piece of cake, people usually have to face the difficulties in the process of maintaining. Today, we will guide you how to maintain this useful thing.


It is frank to say that whether you take the use of the recurve bow for a decade or just a day, you will need to take care of the equipment to make for sure that your equipment can work well after a period. The recurve bow is similar to all other equipment which asks for the maintain process. If you don’t carry out this task, the longevity of your equipment will be shortened. Therefore, you had better have a good habit of inspecting the arrows and the bows before shooting. At the first step, you should check the limbs for the cracks or the nicks. You should ensure that the bow is strung in the right position. (more…)

How To Maintain The Golf Clubs ?>

How To Maintain The Golf Clubs

  • Why do we need to maintain our golf clubs?

We all know that the price of a set of high quality golf clubs is quite expensive. So, with such a luxurious asset like that, a proper maintenance schedule is very important to increase the longevity of it. If you keep maintaining your set of golf clubs correctly, it will be remained in a good condition after more than one year using. Thereby, you could save a lot of money of replacing old golf club. You may wonder: why does the maintenance bring too many benefits? The answer is: the main factor that could harm your golf club is stain, dirt and chemical which was used on golf course can build up and harm your golf club. And with the maintenance regularly after each time using, with water, soap, a bucket and a toothbrush, your golf club can be cleaned out of these harmful factors easily. Thereby it can remain in good condition after long time. So, in this article, I would like to show you some useful steps to maintain your set of golf clubs. Keep reading!

maintain our golf clubs

  • Four steps to maintain your golf clubs


Carving Canoe Paddles On The Band Saw ?>

Carving Canoe Paddles On The Band Saw

The paddle is an important part of a canoe to make it move on the water. You may wonder that what kind of machine or equipment can carve such a wooden tool. And the answer is that it can be made totally by a band saw. Looking for some woodworking band saw reviews, I discovered an interesting one from a guy named Matthias Wandel who gave his instruction for a wooden paddle made on a band saw. The steps to do this work are not too complicated and difficult to follow.

As this guy mentioned, he participated in a canoe trip and he was attracted by the paddle made from oak. He contemplated it and found out that it could be carved by the band saw and he decided to make one by his own self.

Step 1: Preparation

trace_thicknessHe prepared a real paddle which acted as the sample one for his product. Then he also used a block of wood that its length and width were matched the sample paddle. In addition, in order to create a product with a standard size, he made a quick jig from some block of woods, this jig was right suitable to contain the first block of wood. Finally, he also needed help from the knife, pencil. (more…)

Making A Bowline For Fishing ?>

Making A Bowline For Fishing

In order to get great achievements while going angling with a kayak, besides having right skills, it is essential for you to bring the best fishing kayak accessories. You need to prepare the good boat, rod and baits. You need also choose the suitable clothes for the trip. Especially, one of the most indispensable parts of your successful hunts is the bowline. In the scope of this post, we would like to introduce to you the tips to make a bowline for fishing.

The bowline is one of the most useful and simple knots, its purposes are mainly for rescuing people who fall down the water as well as helping people to move down the water easily. In addition, the bowline is also an essential tool to anchor your kayak while fishing. This accessory is known as an effective tool to survive when you cope with the emergent situations. The major characteristic of this type of knot is that we can both tie and untie this bowline know very simply and easily.Kayakfishing

In order to make a right bowline knot, you should follow the below steps: (more…)

How To Prevent Back Pain When Playing Golf ?>

How To Prevent Back Pain When Playing Golf

  • back pain when playing golfThe relation between golf and back pain

Back pain is a usual sign with golfers who maybe face with or even will be going to face with it. It does not mean that you cannot love playing golf as you have before. Anyway, playing golf is still an enjoyable sport for most people. If you play a set of golf with the right way step by step, it will not be hard for you to cope with back problem or back surgery. In this article, we will introduce some basic tips for all of golfers to prevent themself from some main sources of back pain while playing golf.

  • Six tips to prevent back pain

Warm up before joining each game

This is an important step for not only playing golf but also playing another games. Some people think that it is very easy to play golf, so there is no need for warming up their body. Warming up is known as a basic starting step for all golfers. It will help not only blood circulates in your body, especially in your low back, but also relax your body when you start to play each game of golf. Whereas, it makes the muscles be affected due to not doing some starting exercises. Moreover, it causes the result of your golf competition.back pain when playing golf (more…)