Why should archery be taught at schools?

Why should archery be taught at schools?

Many people think that archery is an unsafe sport and do not encourage their children to play it. However, this sport is really not dangerous like the people’s belief but very good for the children. In this post, we will talk about the reasons why the children should learn archery at schools.

  1. The safety

In fact, this sport is really safe for the learners which are all the ages because their target is not a moving one. Moreover, there are some kinds of the bow quite easy to use like the recurve takedown bow, the longbow or the compound bow. They are even used in the Olympic. We can often see the injuries in the other sports such as soccer, riding, basketball or volleyball. Yet there are few injuries you can hear from archery. It can happen because you shoot your foot or walk in front of the unmoving target. The most general wound you can get is abrasion caused by the bowstring or the arrows.


  1. The time and the place to practice

Archery is a sport which the children can play both outdoor and indoor under any circumstance. In the winter months, players can play this sport indoor, and then they can move outdoor in the spring, summer, and autumn. It is really convenient to play archery.

  1. The better behavior

Learning archery is a very good way to improve the bad behaviors of the children. They will know the rule that they can only shoot when being permitted as well as learn the other strict rules of archery. Once they are interested in archery, they will follow the rules and become the better students.


  1. The skills

When they practice and compete with each other or in a team, they will learn how to respect the other people. Moreover, they can also get the teamwork skill, raise the solidarity and their love to the sport. In addition, they can also understand the way to plan and catch the target effectively and quickly.


  1. The concentration, determination, and perseverance

To get the success in archery, the learners always have to do step by step while practicing. Therefore, they must be patient and concentrate on the target and the way the look and draw the bowstring. Furthermore, they can also learn how to estimate the exact distance from them to the target so that they would catch the target. All of them will help the children get the concentration, determination, and patience.

  1. The physical health

Certainly, we all know that playing sport is to improve the people’s health. For archery, there are many benefits for the health that we can see here. When they play outside, they can get vitamin D from the sunlight, which they cannot have when they are only in the classrooms or at home. In addition, archery can make their chest, back, hand, and shoulders’ muscles better. A wonderful sport, isn’t it?

In conclusion, we can see that archery is really good to teach the children. We hope that your children will be able to make use of all the great advantages of archery and become the professional archers.

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