How To Become A Fashionable Golf Player

How To Become A Fashionable Golf Player

  • Why do we should become a fashionable golf player?

We all know that golf is a famous competitive sport. But besides that, it also is an attractive game, in which you can participate with your friends and enjoy your relaxing time, after a long week working. So, if you had a date with your friend in a golf course at this weekend, why don’t you maximize your joyful day with a fashionable golf suit? Think about the praise from your friend, when you appear as a fashionable golf player, too interesting, right? Not only provide you a better appearance, but a suitable golf suit also makes you feel better during your game, and you still feel comfortable after a long day playing. So, why don’t you find for yourself a fashionable golf suit to prepare for this weekend? In this article, we would like to introduce you some tips to become a fashionable golf player. Hope that the information in here will be useful for you!

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  • Five tips to become a fashionable golf player

Have a basic knowledge about golf

This tip is exclusively for people who have never played golf before. To have a fashionable appearance in the golf course, firstly you must have the basic knowledge about this sport. If you have never tried it before, then go with your friend several times to get familiar with it. After that, you will have a proper concept about this sport, thereby you can choose a proper suit and other accessories for yourself.

Choose the youthful outfit

A neat, youthful outfit will make you look healthier and younger several year olds than your true age. Besides that, it will not make you feel hot after playing under the sunlight, and you still feel comfortable and maintain the excitement during the game. So, if you are a man, choose a T-shirt and a short, if you are a woman, choose a polo shirt and a skirt. Simple and compact outfit also helps to make you play better. Remember that simple is the best.

Wear the proper shoes

Please forget all kinds of high heel shoes, They are the worst choice to wear in a golf course. These expensive types of shoes only make you feel uncomfortable, tired soon and harm your ankle after a long day playing. So, just wear the sport shoes or canvas shoes, they are not only fit with your sporty outfit, but also help you feel more comfortable and protect your health.


Choose the proper accessories

These small accessories will play a very important role in creating a fashionable appearance for you. Use a cute hairpin bend to tie up your hair, wear the nice gloves to protect your hand from blistering, use a fashionable carry golf bag to store your golf clubs… All of them will contribute to create a sporty, healthy and fashionable appearance for you.

Minimize the makeup

Remember that you are joining a sport game, not a night party. Makeup will be faded soon after several hours playing under the sunlight, and it will make your appearance become worse. Besides that, makeup fill up your pores, and prevent sweating, thereby it will harm the health of your skin. So, just make up lightly or even do not make up, be confident in your natural beautiful.

  • Conclusion  

After reading this article, you can see that there are five useful tips to become a fashionable golf player. What I want to impress in here is: golf is a sport, so let choose the outfit and accessories which are suitable with an outside sport. Then choose the designs and colors which make them become harmonious with each other, and you will have a fashionable appearance. Not too hard, right!   

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