Choosing Pillow for Outdoor Furniture for Neck Pain

Choosing Pillow for Outdoor Furniture for Neck Pain

Pillow has been an indispensable decoration with any family because of the variety of color, shape and size. You can pillows to decorate your living room, bedroom even your reading place, etc. Especially, pillows will be a very eye-catching item for outdoor furniture that anyone want to get one. However, it is not a piece of cake when choosing pillows which are both beautiful and tough. Outdoor pillows are affected a lots by weather conditions such as temperature, light and other typical weather conditions in area (rainy, sunny, misty, etc.). If you are considering about choosing outdoor pillows, the tips below will surly help you!

  1. Size, shape and quantity

Common size of pillows for sofas are 18″x18″ and 20″20″ (for square shape). And square pillows are the major option for designers because of its angular and easy to form. The tip here is choosing the appropriate size for your outdoor furniture. You should not choose too big pillows while the size of your sofa is small and medium. This will cause unsymmetrical in decoration and it is not useful also. The small size and exquisite design of pillows will be the perfect choice for the small and medium sofas.

In addition, you should only buy enough pillows in spite of buying too much or too little. The designers normally advise you to buy pillows following the odd rule to make interspersed motifs. Though you still can buy two couples of pillows in which once is plain and once is textured and put them next to each other one by one.

  1. Colors and Textures

A part from choosing couples of pillows mentioned above, you also can base on other tips below:

That means you should choose the pillows which are colored similarly to sofas’ cover. The lightly colors as orange, pink, yellow, etc. will brighten up your space when they are put on light painted benches. Specially, these colorful items always attract kids so they will be so happy playing outside with such a lovely pillow.

If you are interested in the neutral designs, you can absolutely choose deep colors such as gray, brown, nude or white. Those bring the warm and exquisite feeling. Moreover, they are very suitable for one who loves the quiet and elegance space.

  1. Material

Material is extremely important criteria in choosing pillows for outdoor furniture. To avoid neck and back pain, you should really pay attention to materials of cover and filling. You should not buy a too tough as well as too soft pillow. You better choose the pillows with the cover made from textilene fabric because they are not too tough, waterproof and fade resistant. About the filling, premium cotton is not easy to be slack off then the form is also kept longer.

In addition to the mentioned tips, you should follow some more tips to get the best outdoor pillow for the neck pain:

  • Do not choose too soft pillows.
  • The material of pillows need to match sofa’s material.
  • The rectangle pillows are the good choice for sitting and backrest but you got a sofa made by leather, you’d better buy a cylindrical round pillow to avoid slipping down.
  • Test the pillow before purchasing.
  • You can also use travel neck pillow to avoid neck pain.

All in all, whenever you want to design any corner in your home, make sure that you and you guest will be relax and enjoy every inch of it.

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