The common sports to prevent back pain for women

The common sports to prevent back pain for women

There are many reasons which result to backache for people. One of them are due to the pillow (check this pillow to have more choices for back pain) and mattress which are too hard to support your back when sleeping. Many people think that it is better to stay on a bed and take a rest as much as possible for backache people. However, this is not completely right because besides taking a rest, they need to do exercises to avoid troubles for bones.

To help you have right decision in choosing a suitable exercise when having back pain, the writing below will give some popular healthy choices.

So, which sports are the best choices for backache people?

  1. Go walking

Go walking is the most popular sport which is suitable for all people, especially for backache ones. You can walk whenever and wherever you want. For example, you can walk on the street, to the workplace and on a walking machine in the gymnasium. Therefore, this can be considered as the most effortless sport which everyone can practice for a good health.

However, for backache patients, you have to know how long you should walk in a day. According to doctors, practice time is about 30 to 45 minutes per day. When walking, you must keep a regular speed, not too fast but not too slow. In particular, you should wear a sport shoes instead of sandals when practicing. This also helps to protect your feet and avoid getting hurt.

Go walking will be a good method to cure bone diseases and prevent diseases of blood. However, doctors advise you to drink much water a day, from 2 to 3 litters, along with having a healthy diet to provide calcium and vitamin for the body.

  1. Swimming

Although back pain often prevents us from practicing every day, doing sports is a necessary activity to recover and maintain back function. Thus, swimming is a good sport for backache people because it has support of water when muscles are working. Besides, it helps back muscles keep resistant and strong. However, swimming 3 times a week with 30 minutes in a time can bring good effect for backache people.

Also, you should need to refer doctors’ advices to have right swimming position if you get back pain. This helps to avoid getting hurt for your back after practicing.

  1. Doing yoga

According to a study, it shows that people who do yoga regularly are more difficult to get backache than others. Because doing yoga makes the body more resistant and create a fresh mind for patients. Thus, the pain will disappear soon.

Practicing frequently is the best way to reduce backache pain, so you should have a regular schedule to follow every day. This helps you save your time and money a lot.

Actually, there is no absolute way to cure back pain if you don’t have a specific diet and practice daily. I hope that this sharing will be helpful for you.

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