How To Maintain The Golf Clubs

How To Maintain The Golf Clubs

  • Why do we need to maintain our golf clubs?

We all know that the price of a set of high quality golf clubs is quite expensive. So, with such a luxurious asset like that, a proper maintenance schedule is very important to increase the longevity of it. If you keep maintaining your set of golf clubs correctly, it will be remained in a good condition after more than one year using. Thereby, you could save a lot of money of replacing old golf club. You may wonder: why does the maintenance bring too many benefits? The answer is: the main factor that could harm your golf club is stain, dirt and chemical which was used on golf course can build up and harm your golf club. And with the maintenance regularly after each time using, with water, soap, a bucket and a toothbrush, your golf club can be cleaned out of these harmful factors easily. Thereby it can remain in good condition after long time. So, in this article, I would like to show you some useful steps to maintain your set of golf clubs. Keep reading!

maintain our golf clubs

  • Four steps to maintain your golf clubs

Clean your golf clubs after each shot

You should not only maintain your golf clubs after using, but you also should maintain them during your game. This task is quite simple, just put a handkerchief in your golf bag, and then use it to wipe off the dirt or grass which have stuck on your golf club after each shot. This task will help to make your shot become more exactly, and the later maintaining process will become easier.

maintain our golf clubs

Use water to clean your golf clubs after using

Prepare a solution with dish soap and warm water. The water should not too hot, otherwise it could affect on some sensitive components of the golf club. Besides that, you should use the dish soap with mild detergent to prevent fading or other negative effects on your golf clubs.maintain our golf clubs

Soak your golf clubs in this solution from 5 to 10 minutes, after that use a toothbrush to remove the dirt or stain on your gold clubs. Do not use a hard toothbrush or try to rub it vigorously, this action could cause scratch on the surface of your golf clubs.

Finally, wash your clubs again with freshwater, until remove all the dirt and soap on it. Then wipe your clubs dry with a towel, and put them in a dry place until they become totally dry. Please remember that never put your wet clubs into the golf bag, because it will harm your golf clubs significantly.

maintain our golf clubs

Check the shaft

maintain our golf clubsCheck your shaft regularly for crack or dent regularly, because this part of golf club is usually damaged during transportation. It there is any damage on the shaft, you should bring it to a professional service to fix it. Besides that, you should remember to clean it by a handkerchief after some rounds. A good maintenance schedule will help to increase the longevity of this part of your clubs dramatically.

Store your golf clubs  

You should have a specific shelf to store your golf clubs. If not, you can keep them in your golf bag and hang it up. But please make sure that your golf stand bag is totally dry. Do not put your golf clubs on the floor, or mix them up with other tools, they will be damaged easily.

maintain our golf clubs

  • Conclusion  

Through this article, you can see that: just follow four simple steps above, your golf clubs will be maintained in a good condition. This task only takes around twenty minutes for all steps, so let do it after each time of using, and you will be surprised by their result.


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