Maintain your bow, prepare for the next Trip!

Maintain your bow, prepare for the next Trip!

In this day and time, people have more free time that is the reason why they find an interesting activity to reduce stress after the overload of working and studying. Fishing kayak with the help of the recurve bow can adapt their requirement. For many people, fishing with the recurve bow is not only an entertainment but also the challenge. Due to the importance of the recurve bow during the process of catching fish, the manufacturers have produced more and more equipment to serve the fisherman. Although buying the recurve bow is just a piece of cake, people usually have to face the difficulties in the process of maintaining. Today, we will guide you how to maintain this useful thing.


It is frank to say that whether you take the use of the recurve bow for a decade or just a day, you will need to take care of the equipment to make for sure that your equipment can work well after a period. The recurve bow is similar to all other equipment which asks for the maintain process. If you don’t carry out this task, the longevity of your equipment will be shortened. Therefore, you had better have a good habit of inspecting the arrows and the bows before shooting. At the first step, you should check the limbs for the cracks or the nicks. You should ensure that the bow is strung in the right position.

Bow WaxApart from the limbs, you should look for the parts which are made from the mental. Almost all the recurve bow is made from this material which is very easy to be corrosion or rust. Whenever you shoot in the rainy or humid weather condition, your recurve bow can be broken, if you don’t maintain it afterward. Many manufacturers leave a comment that the users should apply the light synthetic wax to the recurve bow every month or at least they should inspect the bow strings. If you realize any sign of the fraying, broken or loose strands, you should find out the best resolution to fix it. In the event of the compound bow, you need to check the cables and the bow string routinely.

You can touch the surface of the cracks of the bow limbs to have a closer look at them to ensure that whether you need to prevent it immediately or it is unnecessary. Furthermore, if you let the crack alone, it can be developed faster and faster in several risers. Generally speaking, when you see the cracks, you should repair it or replace the parts which could be broken. In other condition, if there are the damaged limbs or risers, you need to stop using the recurve bow and unstring it carefully.

Besides the bows, the arrow also needs to be looked after. According to the manufacturers, the arrows exposes to the tear and the wear of all the archery equipment which is the reason that you need to check the arrows more frequently before using and whenever you have the plan to shoot the arrows. Firstly, you should check the fletching to guarantee that the fletching is attached to the arrows and there is no problem that can cause the adverse effects on the catching process and the users.

On the other hand, if you take the advantage of the arrow shafts which are made from the wooden or the aluminum, you need to inspect the straightness of the arrow. To check these arrows, you can lay them on the table and pay more attention to the cracks that can lead to break the arrow dangerously. In addition, if your arrow is the carbon one, you should flex it and listen to the sound of cracking to ensure that it is not splintering. If you see any crack, you should not touch it because it can hurt you.

Recurve Bow and Arrows

In the nutshell, the maintenance process plays a very important role in reservation your recurve bow. Wish that this sharing can help you not only enhance your knowledge but also stimulate your imagination. We do hope that after reading this article, you may know how to maintain your equipment to avoid breaking. You should prevent it from the bad weather condition.


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