How to pick up the hunting boots for woman?

How to pick up the hunting boots for woman?

Like a man, a woman has a passion for the hunt because most of them want to experience performance and push their limit endurance that they have never thought before. For many, hunting expedition is not a simple trip which is usually thought to be into the wood, it is an actually an experience that they are discovering new territory altogether. Picking up the right hunting gears is the most critical. Personal gears conclude gloves, hunting jacket, boots, pants, base layer, all of which play important roles for any successful hunting. To choose the right boots, it depends on terrain and weather where we hunt. Each different terrain and weather require specialized boots which are designed and styled basing on purpose and interest of users. To make sure, you can find the best hunting boots, here are some tips on selecting the boots for your hunt.

Base on terrain and climate

The terrain and climate are two keys which are considered to choose the boots for your hunt because they will dictate type of boots you need. The non-insulated and insulated styles, as well as water-proof style, are available on any shoes shop. The weather is difficult to foretell exactly even weather forecast so changing is quite common during hunting season. Study the weather and knowing what type of terrain, as well as land features, help you have right hunting boots selection to protect your feet and avoid unexpected situations. You should base on above features when searching the boots for your hunt.

Uneven, rocky, mountainous terrains:  For this type of terrain, you should choose high-quality boots, stiff ankle support and sole for stability, good lacing system, comfortable padded collar water-proof protection, and moisture-wicking properties.

Upland hunting: Unlike tough terrains, the upland has flatter terrain so a pair of soft, light-weight boots is the best option for the miles of walking you may do.

Lowland: With high humidity and sloppy ground, rubber boots or snake boots is the right choice. When you wade through shallow rivers or marshes, the rubber boots are waterproofing and scent free and resist snakebites. Be sure to treat your boots with a high-quality preservative and look for a snug ankle fit to stay waterproof and won’t put off the mud.

Select the weight of the boots

The average weight of boots including the fabric you choose, type of sole, height and insulation is from 3 to 4 pounds. Normally, a lighter boot which is non-insulated or 200 gram insulated one is more suitable for early hunting season or milder weather.

Buy women’s footwear

The width of the footwear is an important role in buying women’s footwear because the women’s size is designed basing on the narrower width of a woman foot. The average width of a woman’s foot is 3.2 inches, whereas, a man’s width is 4 inches so you should choose an inch wider than you need. The advice for you to choose correct size is to choose a size that is one and a half to two times smaller than you wear.

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