How To Play Golf After Drinking

How To Play Golf After Drinking

  • Playing golf after drinking, why not?

It’s such a great idea to have an outside party, eating, drinking and after that, playing outdoor games like football or golf with your friend or your family. But with a competitive game, which needs the accuracy like golf, it may have a little difficulty when playing it after drinking. But do not worry, in this article, we would like to introduce you some useful tips, which can help you enjoy a golf match with your friend even after dinking. So, keep reading!

  • Tips to play golf after drinking

Choose a suitable golf course

After a party with a lot foods and drinks, a golf course for professional players with eighteen holes may not be suitable with you anymore. Just choose a small golf course with nine holes and enjoy a funny match with your friend. Small golf course will help you save power because you will not have to work around too much, besides that, you and your friends will be able to watch over each other easier, thereby decrease the threats could happen after drinking.


Play in group

Gather your friends and play in a group with at least four members. Together, you can take care of each other, and avoid the danger after drinking. For example, if you go alone, you may slip into a lake or a streamline, in a normal condition, you can handle it by yourself easily, but after drink, your mind may not clear enough to react in this situation, and you can be drowned.


Give the key of golf cart for a suitable person

Do not drive after drinking, this point is also suitable to be applied in the golf course. So, just give the key of golf cart for the man who did not drink, and let him drive the golf cart. If every people drank, let walk, do not drive the golf cart after drinking, because you can hit a tree or plunge directly to the lake.

Do not carry too many tools

This is not a professional golf match, so you do not need to carry all of your golf clubs like in a real competition. Just bring a carry golf bag with some common golf clubs inside, and you can have a funny golf match with your friend. This tip will help to reduce the weight you have to bear, thereby saving power for other activities with your friends, and you could feel much more comfortable.

Bring some bottle of lemonade

It is a very useful tip to play golf after drinking, because lemonade will not only supply enough water for your body in an outside activity like golf, but it also can reduce the effect of alcohol significantly, thereby keep you awake during your match. Besides that, nothing can be better than some bottles of cool lemonade under the hot of sunlight, right? So, let bring some lemonade bottles and enjoy the match with your friends.

  • Conclusion

Through this article, you can see that there are several things you should consider, when playing golf after drinking. That is only give the key of golf cart for people who did not drink to avoid the traffic accident, and watch over each other when play golf near the lake or streamline. Remember that with only small threat can cause deadly accident in the state of drunkenness. So, please follow strictly the advices in this article for the safety of yourself and other people when playing golf after drinking. Besides that, other tips will help to make you feel more comfortable in your match. Just follow them, and you will have a joyful partly with your friends or your family.

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