Why is Water So Important to Me?

Why is Water So Important to Me?

So that is the basic question. Why is water so important for human intake?

Water is important for many reasons. The general ones that we all are aware of are drinking, washing, cleaning, irrigation, transportation and almost all fields of manufacturing and then water is the main source for many natural phenomenon like cloud formation, rainfall and moisture level in the atmosphere.

But here the topic for discussion is the Water Intake that is Drinking Water.

To understand this, we as human being first of all need to understand the human body system.


The human body has water as its major constituent. Generally the human body contains almost 60% of water. We all know from our primary biology classes that our body is made up of many cells. These cells need water to stay alive.

An average adult may contain almost 40 liters of water in his body.

With lack of water in the human body, the regeneration of cells decreases and the older cells start dying and thus water becomes the vital constituent of human body.

Water is the main basic ingredient on which the human blood, internal digestion juices of the intestine, formation is urine and sweat is based. Even the muscles and bones also have water as their major constituent.

Therefore water is very essential part of human food intake. Without water, an average human body would start regenerating severely in about 15 to 20 days.

The intake of water on routine basis is also very important because human body system does not have any capability to store water. Therefore there is always a need to intake fresh water after few hours. If a human body system does not receive the adequate quantity of fresh water at regular intervals, then the losses of water from skin through sweating, or through digestion system through faeces or the urine cannot be met properly.

So here we understand that as human body keeps on releasing water from itself at regular basis by way or the other (sweat, urine, faeces etc) therefore it also needs the intake of water at the regular basis to keep the water level in the body at optimized level.

So if we try to summarize the main needs of water in a human body we can come up with the following few points:

  • Water helps in maintaining the health cells of the human living system.
  • Water helps in creating the liquid form of blood so that this vital element called blood can travel all over the body easily.
  • Water helps in formation of basis for the release of unwanted products in the human body system.
  • Water is the main reason why a human body can sweat and this process basically balances the human body temperature.
  • Water is the basis of saliva like content in the mouth and the food pipe and in the lungs area of a human body system which in turns keep these body parts hydrated.
  • Water is the major reason for the formation of natural lubricants around the bone joints in the human body system and thus helps in easy locomotion of various limbs.
  • Water also acts as a lubricant for the passing out of waste faeces from the human body and thus prevents common problems in human body like constipation or poor digestion.
  • Water keeps the skin young, radiant, wrinkle free by keeping it internally hydrated.
  • Water saves the sensitive parts of the human body at the times of emergency for example the formation of tears in the eyes, cushion liquid around the human fetus in the womb.
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